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Why CruzAlta

CruzAlta is a global organization that:

  • Works with clients to enable predictable and competitive turnaround and bookend durations.
  • Leverages more than 2900 combined years of unrivaled industry knowledge and experience in professional and field turnaround and operations, usage of proven technology, and data science.
  • Expertly matches qualified and experienced operations specialists to increase site capability and offset resource gaps.
  • Constantly adapts to make sure that our focus on a sustainable future is at the forefront of our strategy and the plans we develop alongside our clients.

What are the pain points CruzAlta is addressing?

  • A trending, industry-wide capability deficiency due to a decline in seasoned personnel and internal capability. (People Capability)
  • Shutdown and startup ‘bookend’ durations represent the largest improvement opportunity for overall TA performance. (Competitiveness)
  • Focus on ESG sustainability and continued journey to achieve superior environmental performance for the TA bookends. (Sustainability)
  • Deliver processes and methods to drive Turnaround and Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. (Excellence)


CruzAlta means 'high cross' and is a region in Honduras where we partner with a global non-profit called World Vision. We contribute both financially, and through service, to bring clean water to communities. We are committed to ensuring that our corporate success also brings long-term environmental, social, and economic benefits to our local community and to global communities that are most in need.


Our consulting team will come alongside you to develop a roadmap for operational excellence based on proven practices and expertise.