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Increase Shutdown Duration Predictability

This session is a continuation of the Maximize TA Readiness discussion. The presenters will dive deeper to examine the most common causes of shutdown delays. This webinar will feature a new and innovative methodology, utilizing high-tech field GC-styled instruments to measure and inform the shutdown procedure. This method enables a condition-based approach to progression, allowing for a highly predictable outcome.

Maximize Pre-TA Mechanical Readiness


Technologies and Practices to Successfully Manage and Eliminate Pyrophoric Risks

The hazards associated with pyrophoric events are not new, but without exception, our industry continues to experience unexpected incidents as a result of the pyrophoric phenomenon. In this webinar, our presenters outlined proven practices and innovative methods for managing pyrophoric risks and eliminating the potential of related surprise incidents.


Commissioning and Startup – Proven TA Practices

The industry, at large, has not spent time focusing on commissioning and startup (CSU) duration optimization. This webinar dived into the CSU fundamentals, strategies, and tactics for challenging and optimizing CSU durations.


Best Practices for Ethylene Unit Shutdown and Decon Webinar

Fast-paced changes and long intervals between large Ethylene cracker turnarounds severely impact the ability to stay updated on proven and emerging shutdown practices and performance. This webinar focused on Ethylene unit turnaround shutdowns leveraging both refining experience and recent innovations in this space to outline and explain key practices for shutting down and decontaminating various sections of the Ethylene unit. The webinar discussed the catalyze significant step-change improvement in Ethylene unit shutdown duration and quality. In addition to practices, our presenters provided insights from CruzAlta’s array of shutdown/decontamination duration performance benchmarks.


Differential Sustainability Performance via Flareless Turnaround Execution Webinar

Executing an emissions-free turnaround is possible. Although not yet mandatory, regulations are moving quickly in this direction. This webinar outlined key strategies and tactics instrumental in delivering a flareless turnaround and satisfying aggressive Sustainability KPIs.


Shutdown Performance Benchmarking Webinar

Leveraging the data that RTI has collected for years on chemical cleaning projects, this webinar provides insights into the array of shutdown/decontamination duration performance benchmarks. We displayed actual data results for duration competitiveness and predictability, for the seven primary unit types within our database: Coker, Crude/Vac, Ethylene, FCC, Hydrocracker, Hydrotreater, and Reformers. The webinar concludes with common practices employed by top performers.


Reactive Chemistry Webinar

This webinar illuminates new technologies available to deal with Polythionic acid (PTA) stress corrosion cracking, and Chloride (CL) stress corrosion cracking. In addition to the critical safety benefits, the presenters discussed the differential advantages of the new solutions such as predictability, metallurgy applications, KPIs, minimum temporary equipment, etc.).


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