Increase Shutdown Duration Predictability

This session is a continuation of the Maximize TA Readiness discussion. The presenters will dive deeper to examine the most common causes of shutdown delays. This webinar will feature a new and innovative methodology, utilizing high-tech field GC-styled instruments to measure and inform the shutdown procedure. This method enables a condition-based approach to progression, allowing for a highly predictable outcome.

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Leveraging the Right Plan and Resources for Shutdowns

The final webinar in the spring session of the Discovery series will explore the eradication of TA shutdown delays. In this continuation of the previous two webinars, presenters will tackle the issues of poorly estimated durations and outline data. A driven solution can be leveraged to approximate a loaded operator resource plan that is informed by and aligned with the shutdown plan and timeline. The tools and practices presented will equip you for immediate implementation on your next turnaround.

Webinar content will be available May 14th.

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